More running fun

with varied training

Bring variety into your running practise

Running boosts your fitness. After just a few weeks you will feel great progress, and many people start with great enthusiasm. But after a few months they realize that progress does not come automatically. This is when you determine whether you will find lasting motivation or whether your first kilometers of running will remain a flash in the pan. Basically, you cannot get much wrong with running. However, the biggest mistake is monotony. If you always run the same distance at a similar pace, your performance will stagnate. Your body adapts to what you want it to do. If it is not challenged it does not develop any further. That is how training works. And if you are re unlucky, your head, at some point, will eventually find running boring. Then your motivation dwindles. But that does not have to be the case. Be creative. Running can be so versatile. And of course, you should not only run. We promise you: you will get better if you vary your training sessions! In order to increase your performance or improve your fitness, you have to give your body some new stimulus. This is motivation, but this also benefits your musculoskeletal system. So diversify your training as much as possible.


Interval training: You run set distances at a much faster pace than you are used to. Between the fast sections you recover with a walk or a slow slow running break.

Driving game: The driving game works similarly to the interval training, but without a set pace. The training stimulus Sections of the course are completed faster as an interval training. This can be a short sprint to the next tree - or an increase in speed to the next road junction.

Uphill runs: Such runs are quite intense and serve to build up strength and fitness. The muscles specific to running are trained very well. For example, you can do five to eight such runs. During the breaks your pulse should drop to about 120 beats per minute before you start the next run. Many people underestimate the importance of athletic training. When you train your muscles, you stabilize your body. Every running step is mechanical strain - the better your muscles absorb this the lower the risk of injury. If you replace your running training run once per week with yoga or light strength training/weight lifting, your training will not only be more varied, but also healthier.